A Pakistani aid ship arrives at Lattakia Port

Lattakia, SANA- A Pakistani aid ship loaded by some 200 tons of relief and medical supplies, provided for those affected by the earthquake that struck Syria  has arrived at Lattakia Port  today.

“The arrival of the second aid ship within ten days affirms the great attention paid by Pakistan that has always been standing by Syria.” the Pakistani Ambassador in Damascus, Shahid Akhtar said in a statement to SANA.

Akhtar noted that the ship is also loaded by f electric generators for schools, medical centers and other centers need such items, stating that two aid ships loaded by hundreds of tons would arrive soon, in parallel with the arrival of food and humanitarian items via the Pakistani airlines.

Chairman of Lattakia Provincial Council Taiseer Habib, in turn, hailed the stances of the Pakistani government and its key role in offering support to the quake-affected people, through sending rescue teams along with sending the aid via Syrian airlines.



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