Foreign Ministry condemns the illegal visit of US chief of staff to northeast Syria

Damascus,SANA – Syria strongly condemned the illegal visit of the US military official to an illegal US military base in the northeastern Syria, calling the visit a flagrant violation of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

” the US chairman of the chief of staff made an illegal visit to an illegal US military base in northeast Syria, and claimed that the reason for this visit was to assess the effectiveness of the war against Daesh organization,however, the international community knows very well that Daesh is an illegitimate offspring of US intelligence, ,” An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

The source added that the criminal acts of Daesh targeted the innocent Syrian citizens, as more than 60 of them were martyred during the past few days.

The source clarified that the support provided by the US forces to terrorist and separatist militias in the areas of its occupation is a declared American stance aimed at prolonging the terrorist war against Syria for goals that are no longer hidden from anyone.

The source also pointed out the catastrophic situation of the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the US administration on Syria.

“Syria strongly condemns this flagrant violation by the US military official of the sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the source said , calling on the US administration to immediately stop its systematic and continuous violations of the international law, and stop its support for separatist armed militias.

The source concluded that Syria reiterates that these US practices will not divert it from its focus on fighting terrorism and its efforts to preserve its sovereignty, security and stability.

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