Arab and International Campaign to Break the Siege on Syria: Necessary contacts continue to make Arab Brotherhood Convoy initiative a success

Beirut-SANA – The Follow-up Committee of the Arab and International Campaign to Break the Siege on Syria renewed its call on the Arab countries and the international community to continue their support for the Syrian people in facing the effects of the devastating earthquake.

The participants in the committee’s weekly meeting, held on Friday, decided, via videoconference, to launch “The Arab Brotherhood Convoy to Break the Siege on Syria,” which is scheduled to go to Damascus from all Arab capitals, and to keep the contacts necessary for the success of this national and humanitarian initiative at the same time.

The participants agreed to communicate with the Federation of Arab Engineers, the unions of engineers a, construction authorities and top financiers in order to contribute to the repair of damaged buildings and to shelter those affected.

The results of the committee meeting, which was attended by thirty delegates from the countries of the six continents, were presented, in which it was agreed to form committees to break the siege in their countries, in addition to preparing a relief aid ship from Greece towards the port of Lattakia as a symbolic initiative to break the siege.

the General Coordinator of the Committee, Majdi al-Ma’asrawi, noted that the movement is expanding to break the siege on Syria to include Arab and non-Arab countries, pointing out that the campaign dealt positively with every initiative launched to break the siege.


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