A stand demands lifting sanctions and siege imposed on Syrian people, Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA- Members of al-Sadah al-Ma’amra tribe and social activities in Hasaka city staged a protest stand in front of International Committee of the Red Cross headquarters, demanding to lift the conceive measures and end unjust siege imposed on Syrian people particularly in light of the humanitarian disaster, Syria has exposed to due to the earthquake.

The Tribe condemned, in a statement, the US and Western inhumane and immoral practices against the Syrian people, calling for ending the siege which has exhausted the Syrian people, as its catastrophic results have appeared following the devastative earthquake that hit a number of Syrian provinces.

The statement voiced support to all afflicted families due to the earthquake and unveiling the US and western allegations which lack to the minimum of humanitarian values.

The participants expressed their rejection of the unjust siege and unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria.

They also expressed rejection of all forms of terrorism, asserting that the stand aims at demanding the international and humanitarian organizations to lift siege of Syria after it has suffered for more than 12 years in fighting terrorism.

Hala Zain

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