Sabbagh calls for putting pressure on the West to lift blockade on Syria

Baghdad, SANA- Speaker of People’s Assembly, Hammouda Sabbagh called upon the regional and international federations and parliaments bodies and the UN member to exert pressure on the Western countries to immediately lift the unjust economic measures imposed on the Syrian People.

In a speech delivered during the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference being held in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, Sabbagh stressed the need to continue coordinating, and consolidating Arab parliamentary relations to jointly confront the forces of domination, occupation and terrorism.

“We are a people that have shown that they are capable of overcoming difficult tests, and our battle is one and so is our destiny,” the Speaker affirmed.

Sabbagh thanked all the brothers and friends who, in recent days, have expressed their deep sense of belonging to Arabism and brotherhood by supporting the Syrian people who suffered a devastating earthquake that hit several provinces, causing great humanitarian catastrophe and killing thousands of victims and wounded.

“What deepened the tragedy of the Syrian people and caused shortages of equipment and supplies necessary for relief and rescue operations to deal with the effects of the earthquake, are the coercive economic measures that Western countries imposed on Syrians and affected all aspects of life in the economic, social, educational and health aspects”, the Speaker asserted.

He explained that at a time when Syria was healing its wounds and receiving Arab and international condolences, solidarity and humanitarian support in the face of the earthquake tragedy, Israel launched an air attack at dawn last Sunday, which terrorized the safe civilians inside residential neighborhoods. in Damascus, and caused the death of many.

“Syria has gone through wars, sieges and unfair coercive measures in recent years, however, it has not changed and will not change its positions and principles in restoring its usurped rights, the main one of which is the occupied Syrian Arab Golan,” he stressed.

He stressed that the occupied Palestine will remain the central cause until the liberation of all its territory and the establishment of its independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Shaza Qreima


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