President al-Assad to Armenia’s Foreign Minister: Syrian Armenians are integral part of the Syrian identity

Damascus,SANA – President Bashar al-Assad received Thursday the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, Ararat Mirzoyan.

President  al-Assad voiced his gratitude for all what has been sent of rescue teams and relief aid by Armenia  for the quake-affected people, stressing that the ties binding Syria with the Armenians all over the world are historical.

His Excellency considered that building good relation and alliances among states with shared principles are important for overcoming the challenges and changes.

President al-Assad stressed the importance of developing cooperation between Syria and Armenia in the interests of the two peoples, particularly as the Syrian Armenians are an integral part of the Syrian identity and social structure; the truth on which we can depend to improve such collaboration.

Guest minister Mirzoyan conveyed the condolence of Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan and the Armenian people to the President, asserting that his country can’t but stand by the Syrians and offer them aid, recalling that Armenia still remembers Syria’s stance beside Armenians along with offering them assistance when the devastating earthquake occurred  there in 1988, as Syria was the homeland for thousands of Armenians who are still living here, in Syria.


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