A National stand in Sweida in condemnation of repeated Israeli acts of aggression on Syria

Sweida, SANA- A national stand has been organized at the President’s Square in front of the building of Sweida City Council in condemnation of the repeated Israeli acts of aggression on Syria and the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people.

In a telephone call from the occupied Syrian Arab Golan, the freed captive, Sedqi al-Maqt, sent a message to the people of Sweida and the participants in the stand, in which he affirmed the support of the Syrian people with all its components around its leadership to confront terrorism, aggression, siege and destruction with one free national will, considering that the repercussions of this devastating earthquake brought down the falsity “human” mask of the West.

Giving a speech during the stand, the Governor of Sweida, Bassam Parsek, noted that the rush of the people of the homeland Syria to help their brothers affected in the afflicted provinces, proving once again the cohesion of the Syrian people and their authentic belonging, thanking the people of the governorate who were always proactive in their duty towards their homeland and did not hesitate to provide support and relief.

Bushra / Baraa/ Ruaa

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