President Raisi stresses to President al-Assad Iran’s standing by Syria in this ordeal

Damascus, SANA- Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi affirmed that the Islamic Republic of Iran stands by Syria in the ordeal it is facing due to the devastating earthquake, expressing sincere condolences and sympathy to all Syrians, and wishing a speedy recovery for the injured

During a phone call with President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday, president Raisi considered that, based on the strategic relations that bind the two countries and based on humanitarian principles, Iran stands in solidarity with the Syrian people in these compelling circumstances and will do everything possiple that would mitigate the effects of this ordeal and support the tireless efforts of the Syrian government in this regard.

President Assad, in turn, thanked the Government and people of Iran for sending assistance to support the Syrian Government’s efforts in rescue and relief operations for those affected by the earthquake.

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