Blind young women master making various types of knitting handicrafts

Homs, SANA- With their insight and passion for handicrafts, a group of blind young women in Homs province have mastered making of weaving and knitting threads, bags and art pieces of various shapes and colors.

The young women are preparing to establish a joint small enterprise to produce various types of arts and handicrafts after they had followed a training course in this regard.

Speaking to SANA reporter that the small enterprise will provide them with a financial income and fill their time with enjoyment and interest.

“I have a passion in weaving and knitting threads before I completely lost my sight about two years ago and I completed wall paintings and knitting at the end of the training course that we underwent,” Dima Khalil who has a university degree in history said.

Her sister who has a university degree in Arab Literature and suffers from visual impairment that gradually increases with age said that the training course develop the creativity and innovation in making manual works.

Gharam Salloum holds a university degree in in education and is currently following up studying a master’s degree added that “I adore art because it expresses the self. During the course , we exchanged ideas and participated in the production of distinguished works, which was well received and accepted by all who saw it.”

Shaza Qreima




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