Temperatures to drop, snow expected over mountains

Damascus, SANA- Temperatures will drop during the day in the western parts of the country, while remaining around average or slightly below, as the country is affected by a low air pressure in all layers of the atmosphere.

The Meteorology Department expected in its Friday bulletin that the weather will be partly cloudy in general, while it will be cloudy and rainy over western and inland regions, and precipitation gradually extending towards the interior regions, Snow is also expected to fall over mountains that exceed 1100 m.

The winds will be east to southeasterly of a low and moderate speed with active gusts whose speed exceeds 50km/h in the coastal regions, and the sea waves will be medium in amplitude.

The expected temperatures in some major Syrian cities will be as follows: Damascus 12/7, Homs 5/5 , Hama 8/6 , Lattakia 12/9 , Aleppo 8/6.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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