Makhlouf discusses with Fleischer cooperation with WFP

Damascus, SANA – Minister of Local Administration and Environment, Engineer Hussein Makhlouf, discussed with the Director of the Regional Office of the WFP, Corinne Fleischer, and the accompanying delegation, ways of enhancing mutual cooperation, current work plans, and possibilities for expanding the program’s activities in Syria during the coming months.

Makhlouf hailed the existing cooperation between Syria and the World Food Program and the efforts it is making to deliver humanitarian aid to those in need, stressing the need to ensure the delivery of this aid and adherence to the principles of humanitarian action and to avoid politicization practiced by some Western countries in this context.

Makhlouf reviewed also the economic and living conditions that the Syrian people are going through as a result of the unilateral coercive measures imposed on them by the United States and some Western countries. for the Syrian citizen. He also demanded the WFP and other humanitarian organizations operating in Syria for dealing transparently and to condemn these immoral measures that affect all aspects of daily life and basic services for the Syrian citizen.

Fleischer expressed her appreciation for the continuous cooperation between the Syrian government and the WFP, which will do everything possible to ensure the bolstering this cooperation and to deliver f humanitarian aids to the categories in need.

 Amer Dawaa

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