Marota City… the first step of reconstruction phases in Syria

Damascus, SANA-Syria, despite all difficulties it went through, has been able to rise again and come out to the world with a pioneering urban experience at the level of the region to develop random housing areas.

The Marotta City project is the first step in the path of prosperity and urbanization for the capital, Damascus, which contributes to the re-emergence of the city at the international level, as actual work on this project began in mid-2017.

The project provides 110 thousand job opportunities and 27 thousand permanent job opportunities.

It includes gardens, water and sports’ spaces, administrative, investment and commercial buildings, including two health centers, a fire station, 17 schools and kindergartens, five places of worship, and a floor car park.

The project is located on the most important axes of the international road in the capital, Damascus, which connects with the roads leading to “Lebanon – Jordan – provinces – Airport Road” in addition to its proximity to the most important governmental, medical, service and educational centers.

The origin of Marota city word is Syriac, and it means in Arabic the sovereignty, and this is what suits Syria, which was and will remain a sovereign country.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah/ Mazen Eyon

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