Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue their aggression on Allouk Water Plant

Hasaka, SANA- The Turkish regime and affiliated terrorist mercenaries continues their aggression targeting Allouk water plant in Ras al-Ain city in Hasaka northern countryside which leads to the delay in pumping of water to the locals in Hasaka city the surrounding neighborhoods and increase in days of water rationing to reach 6 days.

General Establishment for Drinking Water in Hasaka, Eng. Mahmoud al-Okla told SANA in a statement that the project is exposed to large attacks by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation as they targeted the electricity lines feeding the Water Plant which causes repeated power cut off, thus to the water cut.

Eng. Okla added that the terrorist mercenaries also attack the water transporting lines stretched in the area between Allouk area and Tal Tamer northern countryside which causes the delay of pumping water to Hasaka city and the increase in the days of water rationing in the city and its surroundings.

  Hala Zain

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