People’s Assembly: Syria retains the right to use all means to counter the illegitimate occupational presence

Damascus,SANA- People’ Assembly stressed that the schemes conducted by the Turkish regime in establishing the so-called “safe zone” is nothing but more occupation and brute aggression, comes in the context of coercive deportation and demographic change of the area.

The Assembly in a statement released today stressed that “Syria has the full right to use all means to counter this illegitimate presence of the occupation forces along with its affiliated terrorist mercenaries”.

“The head of the Turkish regime follows the same approach in releasing statements that contrast and it violates international and humanitarian laws, charters and norms, trying to occupy more Syrian territories threatening regional and international peace and security.” the statement said.

The Council stressed “the sovereignty of the Syrian state, the independence of its decision, the unity and safety of its territories and people, and the right to use all legitimate political and military means to defend its sovereignty and people to counter the American , Turkish and Israeli occupations and their affiliated terrorist organizations.

The statement denounced the Turkish regime’s evasion and reluctance to fulfill its commitments to the decisions issued by the Astana and Sochi meetings, condemned in the “strongest terms” the bombing of villages in northern Syria by the Turkish occupation army and its gangs.

Nisreen / Bushra / Amer

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