Russian forces find Ukrainian drones equipped with liquids’ containers and sprayers

Moscow, SANA- The Russian forces announced that, during a search of the headquarters of a Ukrainian military unit, they found unmanned aircraft equipped with containers for liquids and spraying machines

“Three of these drones were found, with a payload of up to 40 kg, and plastic tanks for liquids with a capacity of 30 liters were installed on them, in addition to control devices that contained coordinates for the locations of the Russian forces and the populated areas planned to be sprayed,” a military source told RT website on Wednesday.

The source added that these drones are apparently used to spray toxic substances to harm either the Russian armed forces or the civilian population and agricultural lands.

The Russian Ministry of Defense had published documents obtained in Ukraine stating that the Ukrainian “Motor Sich” Corporation asked the Turkish company that manufactured Bayraktar drones about the existence of systems and mechanisms for spraying liquids from them.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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