A civilian martyred, another injured in explosive device blast, Quneitra countryside

Quneitra, SANA- A civilian was martyred, his brother was injured in blast of an explosive device left behind by terrorists in Kurum al-Kasheh, south of Haddar town, Quneitra northern countryside.

SANA reporter in Quneitra said that an explosive device, left behind by terrorists, went off in Kurum al-Kasheh , south of Haddar town , causing the martyrdom of a civilian and the injury of his brother , as the they were admitted to Martyr Mamdouh Abaza Hospital in al-Baath city.

The terrorist organizations deliberately planted mines and explosive devices in the areas of their deployment in the villages, towns and the agricultural lands, which caused large harm to a number of civilians who had returned to their areas after liberating them from terrorism.

Hala Zain

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