Syria affected by a polar low pressure, rainfalls and snow expected over most areas

Damascus, SANA- Syria is still affected by a polar low pressure accompanied by a very cold and wet air mass in all layers of the atmosphere as the temperature will continue to drop to become lower than average by 6 to 9 degrees Celsius.


The Meteorology Department expected in its Thursday bulletin that the weather will be between partially cloudy and cloudy sometimes as rain showers and snow will fall over most areas.

The thickness of snow reached 200 cm in Sweida, 185 cm in Quneitra and 20 cm in Damascus.


Tomorrow, the temperature will remain from 8 to 10 degrees Celsius lower than average as the weather will be from partially cloudy to cloudy sometimes and rain showers and snow are expected over most areas.


Different amounts of rainfalls were registered in the Syrian provinces over the past 24 hours, the heaviest of which were in Quneitra 148 mm, in Lattakia 105 mm and in Sweida 80 mm.


Rainfalls in other province were as follows: 45 mm in Damascus, 63 mm in Damascus Countryside, 47 mm in Daraa, 60 mm in Hama, 38 mm in Tartous, in Hasaka 20mm, in Aleppo 25 mm and in Idleb 11 mm.








R. al-Jazaeri/ Ghossoun

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