On Army Day, Defense Minister visits injured army personnel in Tishreen Military Hospital

Damascus, SANA –Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Army and Armed Forces, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense in the caretaker government, Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayoub, accompanied by a number of General Command officers, visited on Sunday injured army personnel in Tishreen Military Hospital on the 76th anniversary of founding of the Syrian Arab Army.

Ayoub praised the heroism of the injured and their solid determination, wishing them a quick recovery.

Ayoub also praised efforts made by the military medical staff since the beginning of the terrorist war imposed on Syria.

The Doctors, for their part, affirmed that they will remain fully prepared to do what is dictated by their national duty in providing health care to the wounded with specialized medical cadres with a high degree of training and professionalism.

On the same occasion, the armed forces celebrated the Army Day, during which the field commanders delivered speeches affirming that the anniversary of founding of the Syrian Arab Army has been and still a title of victory.

They stressed that Syria is on the path of steadfastness and victory under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad until the liberation of every inch of homeland and the restoration of security and stability to its territory.

In the same context, the area commanders visited martyrs’ cemeteries, laid wreaths on behalf of the President al-Assad, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces at the monument, and recited verses of Quran for the rest of their souls.

Hybah Sleman /Shaza Qriema

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