Sabbagh: Israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinians come under US and western support

New York, SANA- Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Bassam Sabbagh, affirmed on Sunday that the continuous Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people comes as part of a series of war crimes and aggression against the Palestinian people in an attempt to displace them from their lands and change their demographic feature, stressing that these crimes are perpetrated under supported of the US and some Western countries .

In a written statement during a session of the UN Security Council today via video about “developments of the situation in the Palestinian territories in light of the continuous Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people”, Sabbagh expressed Syria’s disapproval of the US delegation’s procrastination in allowing the holding of this session in an attempt by the US to give the Israeli occupation authorities more time to continue their attacks on the Palestinian people.

“the escalation of the barbaric Israeli practices against the Palestinian people in Jerusalem coincided with the 73rd anniversary of occupying Palestine,” sabbagh said, pointing out that Israeli settlers attacked Palestinians in neighborhoods of Sheikh Jarrah, Bab al-Amud and Silwan, in clear violation of the UN charter.

“The Syrian Arab Republic condemns in the strongest terms the continuous barbaric acts of the Israeli occupation authorities against the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, Gaza Strip and other regions as well as the Western coverage of the Israeli attacks against civilians and killing them , most of them women and children, and the massive destruction caused by the Israeli air attacks on public and private properties and facilities,” Sabbagh added .

He called on the international community to take effective and immediate steps to end the suffering of the Palestinian people, stop the continuous Israeli attacks on them, support their right to self-determination, establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital in accordance with the UN relevant resolutions, and guaranteeing the right of refugees to return to their Home according to Resolution No.194 of 1948.

Sabbagh also called on the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities in ending the Israeli occupation of the Arab lands, including the Syrian Arab Golan, by implementing its relevant resolutions, foremost of which are Resolutions 242, 338 and 497, and putting an end to this long, continuous and unprecedented violation of the International law and the provisions of the UN Charter.

MHD Ibrahim/Mazen Eyon

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