Syria rejects OPCW report about Saraqeb alleged incident

Damascus, SANA -Syria affirmed its rejection and condemnation of the misleading report released by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) about the alleged Saraqeb incident, stressing that it includes fabricated facts.

“The OPCW released on April 12th, 2021 a misleading report by the so-called Investigation and Identification Team, that Syria and a number of countries have announced it is an illegitimate and incredible team,” Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

It added that this report has included false and fabricated conclusion which represents another scandal for the OPCW and the inquiry teams that will be added to the scandal of the reports of Douma incident in 2018, and Ltamenah in 2017.

It added that this report aims at forging facts and accusing the Syrian government of using toxic materials for an alleged incident in the town of Saraqeb on February 4th.

“The Syrian Arab Republic condemns, in the strongest terms, what has been included in the report of the illegitimate so-called “Investigation and Identification Team” and rejects all its context,” the statement said.

It added that Syria, at the same time, categorically denies using toxic gases in Saraqeb town or in any city or village, and affirms that the Syrian Arab Army has never used such weapons during most difficult battles carried out against armed terrorist organizations.

The statement concluded that the Syrian Arab Republic reiterates that it categorically rejects the use of chemical weapons by any side, at any time or place, and Syria has never used any chemical weapon and can’t use it.

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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