University Heart Surgery Center in Damascus dedicated to coronavirus patients

Damascus, SANA-The governmental team concerned in confronting coronavirus pandemic, chaired by Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, decided to dedicate the University Heart Surgery Center in Damascus to be a center for receiving coronavirus patients, while the heart patients to be received in al- Assad University Hospital and Martyr Bassel al-Assad Heart Hospital in Damascus.

The Governmental team tasked the Electricity Ministry to secure the constant power supply for generating oxygen stations in al-Hama area in Damascus countryside to meet the needs of Al Mouwasat Hospital and University Heart Surgery Center.

It also asked Information Ministry to intensify awareness campaigns on the danger of the virus along with infection and preventive ways, in addition to emphasizing the role of citizens’ awareness and their effective contribution beside the governmental efforts exerted to reduce the negative impacts of the virus spread.

Ali / Mazen Eyon

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