Mrs. Asma al-Assad congratulates Syrian Mother on her Day

Damascus, SANA- Mrs. Asma al-Assad congratulated the Syrian mother on the Mother’s Day, describing her as “the key for victory” and its gate.. the wing of the nation that doesn’t break, but rather elevates and strengthens the homeland.

In the congratulation, published on Facebook page for Presidency of the Republic, Mrs. Asma said “ten years have passed since our war that we have fought together, and you are the strong, truthful and patient who struggle against the cruelty of war and break it with a heart, that defeat doesn’t know a way for it.”

“To the Syrian mother who gives birth and raises children, who with their arms raise the pillars of future despite of the pressure of the opponents and the siege of the enemies, to make relief from distress, and happiness from pain and to extract success and glitter from the heart of difficulties,” Mrs. Asma went on saying.

Mrs. Asma added “A mother who moves her children to work at their m utmost capabilities, so that at every moment, a new chance of livelihood, production and blessing is born. A mother who spreads her light to perpetually separate between right and wrong, between faithfulness and treason and between inaction and responsibility.”

The mother who sees Syria in every grain of soil, from the far north to the far south, sees her homeland in every house, every village and every city, and sees it in every wound, tear and smile.

“To the mother who builds and fortifies her family to protect the homeland and the whole society,” Mrs. Asma said.

Today, we are bringing to an end an era of ten years over which a new generation of children has grown up, the generation of war, towards which the mother should give her the utmost in order to plant in its conscience the best and highest values.

We have won battles, but the war has not finished yet, we have won the pure will, but the confrontation has not ended yet, and you, the Syrian mother, are the key to victory and its gate … You are the wing of the homeland, which doesn’t break, but rather by which the homeland is elevated and strengthened.


The greatest thing that a mother can do is to belong to her homeland, and to carry this belonging to her children, to appear in their work for their homeland, their faithfulness to it and their defense of it, Mrs. Asma said.

On your Day.. Every year and you are a homeland, Mrs. Asma concluded.

Hala Zain


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