Elective surgeries cancelled in some hospitals in Damascus due to increase in coronavirus infections

Damascus, SANA- Health Minister Hassan Mohammad Ghabbash demanded some hospitals in Damascus to cancel elective surgeries and to run those hospitals with their maximum energy and potentials for the benefit of coronavirus patients due to the development of the infections’ conditions.

In a circular to the public bodies of the Hospitals of Damascus, the Red Crescent, the Kidney, al-Basel for Cardiac Diseases and Surgery, the Minister instructed to stop the elective surgeries starting from March 22nd and to continue the emergency surgeries and the tumors only.

The Minister also instructed to apply the plan of recalling the cadres in case of emergency and to operate the hospitals in full capabilities and potentials for the benefit of the coronavirus patients.

The circular also included the review of the plan of ensuring the human cadre for the beds and sections which have been added for the interest of the patients of coronavirus, particularly the section The Intensive Care Units and applying the residency system for the resident doctors and sub-resident doctors in term of working hours and shifts and to invest the anesthesia specialists and technicians in the care departments for the benefit of the patients of coronavirus.

Damascus has recorded on Friday the highest infections record with 70 cases.

Hala Zain




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