Paintings of plastic artist Bassam al-Hajali carry the Syrian visual identity in a universal human language

Damascus, SANA-Plastic artist, Bassam Al-Hajali, seeks to go into secrets of the universe through his paintings, through which he wants to convey the Syrian visual identity in a universal human language in order to convey his spiritual impact to generations.

Regarding his relationship with his painting, Artist al-Hajali said in an interview with SANA that the painting resembles life in its journey and he tries to reach to the visual and spiritual dimension by relying on experience, color and direct interaction with it and through dialogue until “we both reach balance and then my journey ends with the painting and begins its journey with People towards eternity.”

Childhood and the environment had their positive and negative impacts on the formation of the personality of the artist al-Hajali, and the youth stage came to begin to form his intellectual and artistic personality by analyzing life and human and he began expressing his views and ideas in color.

Al-Hajali, who chose for himself an artistic name, Serialo, within his artistic expressive approach existing between dream and irrational realism in the new digital world, shows that this artistic trend came as a result of years of contemplation, work and daily diligence to reach what he calls the cosmic dimension, whose first manifestation was an exhibition of cosmic messages that he set up in Dubai.

He  considered that the visual language of people has developed today and is able to understand color codes through sensation.

Al-Hajali deals with each of his works as a unique case that cannot be returned and about the sizes of his paintings, he says: “My style depends on the sensual state, so I prefer the large painting because I interact with it more to reach the aura of work that suits me with the brush strokes on its surface spontaneously to reach the final image of the painting.”

Nisreen Othman/ Mazen Eyon

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