US occupation brings in 23 vehicles laden with logistic materials to its base in Hasaka countryside

Hasaka, SANA- US occupation troops continued its breach to the Syrian sovereignty, as it brought in a convoy laden with logistic materials and equipment to back its bases in the Syrian territories, via al-Walid illegitimate crossing with Iraq.

 Local sources told SANA reporter that the US forces brought in a convoy consisted of 23 vehicles, including trucks, tankers loaded with military vehicles and tanks, coming from Iraq to Hasaka countryside via the illegitimate al-Walid cross, and headed to its bases in the area.

 US occupation forces bring in repeatedly convoys of trucks loaded with military and logistical materials and equipment to Hasaka via the illegitimate crossings to reinforce its illegitimate presence in the Syrian al-Jazeera, and to ensure continued plunder of oil and the Syrian mineral resources with the help of QSD militia and the armed groups, which it has supported in the region.

Rafah al-Allounui/ Hala Zain


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