Arnous affirms continued governmental support to tourism sector

Damascus, SANA-Prime Minister Eng. Hussein Arnous has affirmed the continuation of governmental support to tourism sector to help it overcome the damage caused by terrorism in line with the governmental efforts aimed at uplifting all the economic and productive sectors in accordance with the development priorities and the available resources.

Arnous’ remarks came during his meeting with the Federation of Chambers of Tourism.

Premier Arnous underlined the importance of cooperation between the Federation of Chambers of Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism in setting up plans to develop the tourism sector, investing in the natural resources that Syria possesses in an optimal manner and creating the appropriate environment to attract investments and stimulate domestic tourism.

He highlighted the necessity of expanding the investments of the Federation and enhancing the communication with expatriate investors, and owners of faltering tourism facilities, and coordinating with the authorities concerned to provide what is needed to re-operate them.

The Prime Minister called on the Federation to submit initiatives to activate popular tourism among the provinces because of its social dimension and it important role in introducing tourist destinations in the provinces.

He also called on the chambers of tourism to set up interim plans for the development of the tourism sector in the provinces.

The proposals focused on speeding up the issuance of the investment law, paying attention to training and rehabilitation, compensating for the lack of employment and the participation in setting the investment map, providing incentives to attract investors and rehabilitating the damaged facilities in areas liberated from terrorism.

Shaza al-Ashkar/Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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