Homs Antiquities Department receive pieces prepared to be smuggled by terrorists

Homs, SANA-Homs Department of Antiquities received a number of archaeological pieces dating back to different periods of time that were stolen and buried by terrorist organizations during the years of terrorist war in order to be smuggled outside of Syria.

The Secretary of the National Museum in Homs, Lubaba al-Ali, said in a statement to SANA that the National Museum in Homs received the pieces that had been seized by the authorities concerned, the pieces were looted by terrorists and hidden in various places in the northern countryside in preparation for smuggling them out of Syria.

She added that the pieces include a group of glass vessels of different sizes and shapes dating back to the Roman period and a group of coins dating back to the Roman, Byzantine and Islamic periods, in addition to bronze statues and tools, including an animal statue and a number of rare pieces dating back to the Roman period.

Manar Salameh/ Mazen Eyon

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