Life returns to Tishreen farm in Quneitra after its liberation from terrorism

Quneitra, SANA-Agriculture situation was back to normal in Tishreen farm in the city of Quneitra  after seven years of hiatus  because of terrorism. Farmers in the area have planted more than 1600 dunums of wheat and a number of other agricultural crops during the current agricultural season.

Director of Quneitra Agriculture Department , Ahmed Dheib told SANA that the farm was earlier planted with trees of apples and grapes, but the terrorists have destroyed and uprooted them.

He indicated that the farm was invested by the private sector and a license was given to  950 dunums to cultivate the strategic wheat crop out of a total area of ​​1600 dunums in addition to barley and summer crops for the rest of the area.

Shaza al Ashkar/Mazen Eyon


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