Homs produces more than 100 tons of honey

Homs, SANA-The honey production of honey in Homs province, with the end of the hives harvest season for the current year, reached more than 100 tons of hives, whose number exceeds 26 thousand.

The head of bee division in Homs Agriculture Directorate, Engineer Nasser Shoufan, stated in a statement to SANA that the number of populated beehives in the governorate reached /26500 / according to the statistics received from the agricultural departments in Homs.

He indicated that there are 1450 educators who produced more than 100 ton of honey from different pastures, at a rate of 5 kilograms per cell.

Shoufan confirmed that beekeeping in the governorate has witnessed an improvement this year, despite the fact that a number of hives in the western countryside have been affected by the recent fires in the region, in which beekeeping is mainly widespread.

Adding that the importance of grant recently distributed by the Agriculture Directorate, which included the distribution of 500 hives on / 250 / educators and their role in compensating for losses, supporting breeders and increasing production.

As for production of honey from the bee division, Shoufan explained that with the end of harvest season, about 200 kg of honey was produced from 60 hives, and the quantity was sold to the workers of the Homs Agriculture Directorate at promotional prices according to the instructions of the Agriculture Directorate in addition to the sale of 65 packages of bees to the breeders.

Shaza al Ashkar/ Mazen Eyon

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