A stand in Qamishli in protest against seizing schools and closing them by QSD militia

Hasaka, SANA- The educational cadres and students in Qamishli City on Thursday organized a stand in front of the educational compound in the city in protest against seizing schools and closing them by the US occupation-backed QSD militia.

Participants in the stand called for the intervention of the authorities concerned and humanitarian organizations to stop the practices of US occupation –backed QSD militia, which threatens the future of students in the province, stressing the need to open schools and teach curricula adopted by the Syrian Ministry of Education.

The students raised banners calling for the opening of their schools and not depriving them from their right in education and rejecting the practices of the QSD militia and its separatist plans.

The administrative and educational staff indicated in statements to SANA reporter that the practices of QSD militia is a crime that must be punished as it deprives thousands of children from education and directly affects the stability of the educational process and leads to a lower level of education.

QSD militia seized about 93 percent of the schools in the province with the aim of stopping the learning process, deprive thousands of children and youths from education and impose its separatist tendencies and policies in serving the US occupation agendas.

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