Islamic Unity Conference calls for need to defend Islamic Holy sites, end Israeli occupation of Arab lands

Tehran, SANA- The Final statement of the 34th International Islamic Unity Conference, held via Video Conference due to the Coronavirus epidemic in Tehran stressed the necessity to take immediate actions to defend the Islamic holy sites in occupied Palestine, support the resistance and end the Israeli occupation of the Arab lands, including the occupied Syrian Golan, Lebanese Shebaa farms and other occupied lands.

Participants in the Conference stressed the need to form an ‘Islamic Union’ for the realization of a single nation and a new Islamic civilization in facing the Zionist and Global arrogance and all attempts to spread hatred against Islam in the western world led by the world Zionism.
The statement welcomed the Secretary-General of the World Assembly for Rapprochement among Islamic sects’ initiative on the formation of an “Islamic Union” with the aim of organizing cooperation and coordination among the Islamic countries.

Pointing out to the coronavirus outbreak, the participants also proposed holding the meeting of the Islamic countries’ health ministers and maximum use of countries’ capacity to prevent, treat and fight against all the infectious diseases of the world, especially the pandemic, according to the statement.

With participation of scholars and intellectuals from 47 Islamic countries, the 34th International Islamic Unity Conference began virtually on October 29, in Tehran.
The 4-day conference was held under the motto “Islamic Cooperation in Facing Catastrophes”.
Hala Zain

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