Firefighting brigades, army helicopters continue to put out fire in al-Shaara mountain forests

Lattakia, SANA-The firefighting brigades which are affiliated to the civil defense and the Forestry Department in Lattakia with the participation of the Syrian Arab Army’s helicopters have continued to extinguish the fire which erupted on Monday in the forests of al-Shaara Mountain in Lattakia countryside.

Director of the Protection Division at the Forestry Department, Eng. Maher Jdid said in a statement to SANA reporter that work is underway for containing the fire in the eastern front of the site by a team that includes about 250 persons, and there are other fronts within the site.

Ayman al-Dahir, a worker at the Forestry Department, indicated that to the rough terrain, manual equipment is being used because the fire engines haven’t been able to reach the area.

He indicated that the speed of the wind impedes the work, but efforts are continued to put out the fire.

Engineer Bassem Douba, Director of the Forestry Department at the Agriculture Directorate, affirmed that the fire is difficult to control due to the dry eastern wind and the rough terrain.

He indicated that the Syrian Arab Army’s helicopters are participating in extinguishing the fire.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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