US occupation brings out a convey loaded with the stolen Syrian oil to Iraqi territories

Hasaka, SANA –The US occupation continued looting more of the Syrian national resources from the regions occupied by its forces in the Syrian al – Jazeera, and moved towards its bases in Iraq, taking out a convoy loaded with the Stolen Syrian oil to northern Iraq.

Local sources from Al-Yarubiyah countryside told SANA that the US occupation brought out a convoy of 58 vehicles, including tanks loaded with oil and sealed trucks accompanied by four-wheel vehicles belonging to QSD militia which are supported by the US occupation forces to guard /them.

The Sources pointed out that the US convoy crossed the Syrian borders and headed for Iraq via the illegal Al-Walid crossing.

On Tuesday, the US occupation forces brought in a convey consisting of 104 vehicles, most of them tankers, to Tal Adas oil field in Hasaka countryside, which is used by the occupation forces to fill tanks with Syrian oil to loot and smuggle it out of the country.

Manar/Bushra/ Mazen

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