Authorities arrest two terrorists infiltrated from al-Tanf area in Homs countryside

Palmyra, SANA- Authorities concerned arrested two terrorists riding a motorcycle south of al-Qaryateen village as they infiltrated from al-Tanf area in the Syrian Badiya(desert) far east of Homs countryside.

A field source at the authorities concerned in Palmyra told SANA reporter that based on information and continuous monitoring of axes of infiltration of terrorist groups, two terrorists were arrested south of al-Qaryateen village in Homs eastern countryside as they infiltrated from the illegitimate US base in al-Tanf area with individual weapons and Google’s binocular in their possessions.

The terrorists who are Mohammed al-Doukhoul and Abdullah Hoyan Shalash said that they joined the so-called Revolutionary Commando led by Mohannad al-Tal’a who works under the command of the American occupation in al-Tanf base , adding that they were provided with maps to infer the Syrian Arab Army points and facilitate their path in exchange for money.

They indicated that they infiltrated from al-Tanf area via al-Sabea Biar area to al-Basiri area and al-Qaryateen village and they take photos of the Syrian Arab Army’s points and the economic facilities to cooperate with Daesh terrorists aimed at planting IEDs inside oil and gas fields and attacking the military points and the safe civilians.


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