Zumriq: Good turnout of voters in People’s Assembly elections, voting period extended

Damascus, SANA- Head of the Higher Judicial Committee for the Elections, Judge Samer Zumriq, affirmed that the turnout for the People’s Assembly elections is good.

In a statement to SANA, Zumriq announced that the voting will be extended until 11:00 pm.

Earlier, Zumriq pointed out in a statement to reporters that the participation rate can only be assessed after the end of the polling period, adding that the turnout for the elections is good.

Zumriq added that the Higher Judicial Committee’s task is to oversee the elections process and ensure integrity and transparency.

He said that at the end of the elections, ballot boxes will be sealed by the heads of the polling station committees in the presence of candidates or their representatives and media, and the votes will be counted the following day.

MHD Ibrahim/Hazem Sabbagh

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