Thirst threatens about one million citizens in Hasaka due to cutting water by Turkish occupation

 Hasaka, SANA- The Turkish occupation forces continue their inhuman violations against the locals in Hasaka city and the residential compounds in the western countryside by controlling Alouk water pumping plant and using water as a weapon against the locals threatening the lives of about one million people, especially since the plant is considered as a main and the only source for providing them with drinking water.

The increase in the needs of water due to the hot summer season and the high temperatures in Hasaka province, the Turkish occupation forces in cooperation with their terrorist mercenaries have intentionally cut water supplies and stopped the pumping from Alouk wells plant several times, and the last of which was on Sunday which is considered a crime against humanity.

 The locals Hasaka city expressed their anger over these criminal measures adopted by the Turkish occupation forces in Hasaka northern countryside.

 Ragheb, one of the locals in Ghwairan neighborhood said that cutting water by the Turkish occupation is a mean crime against humanity, adding that the international and relief organizations must intervene to stop such practices and to neutralize Alouk water plant as cutting water supplies threatens the lives of thousands of people in Hasaka Province.

Ragheb added that it is the 8th consecutive day on which the neighborhood is living without water and there is a huge suffering in other neighborhoods from the same issue.

Director of Water Establishment, Engineer Mahmoud al-Okleh noted that over the current week, the Turkish occupation forces deployed in the area have stopped the work at Alouk water for three times by preventing its employees from entering the plant, and stopping the water pumping to the locals which led to a big suffering in Hasaka city center and the surrounding neighborhoods and in the western countryside.

Eng. al-Okleh underlined the necessity to allow the workers to enter the plant and re-operate it and for not using the water as a weapon to exert pressure against the locals.

Nisreen Othman/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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