Qasad groups continue to prevent workers of Hasaka Electricity Company and Grain Corporation from entering to their workplaces

Hasaka, SANA – For the 9th consecutive day, Qasad (SDF) groups which are backed by US occupation forces have continued to prevent the employees of the Electricity Company and Syrian Grain corporation from entering to their offices and to continue offering the services to citizens.

 SANA reporter in Hasaka said that tens of workers gathered in front of their workplaces in al-Nashwa and Ghweiran in Hasaka city, calling on all the authorities and parties to stop Qasad oppressive practices against the locals in the region.

 The workers indicated that Qasad groups threat them to kidnap them and prevent them from gathering near their workplaces, affirming that they will continue to gather until returning to their workplaces.

Hybah Sleman/Shaza

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