Syrian, Lebanese communities in Argentina condemn so- called “Caesar Act” and US sanctions on Syria

Buenos Aries, SANA-A number of agencies, societies  and figures of the Syrian and Lebanese communities in Argentina condemned the US coercive measures, including the so-called “Caesar Act” imposed on Syria.

Fe-Arab Federation of Argentina voiced its solidarity with Syria, as leadership and people, against the fierce attack that has targeted it, saying” this destructive strategy, followed by the US which violates the International Law and the UN Charter, has reached the climax of evil when the administration of Donald Trump applied the so called “Caesar Act”.

The Federation added “We refuse and condemn the economic terrorism that represents a new and destructive weapon whose elements are hunger that aims to destabilize the situation in Syria.

In turn, the Syrian- Lebanese club in Buenos Aires condemned the US unilateral measures against Syria , stressing that these measures target the Syrian People who have resisted pressures and  challenges.

Baraa Ali/Mazen Eyon

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