Weapons, ammo some of which Western –made, and narcotics left behind by terrorists found in the southern region

Damascus Countryside, SANA- Competent authorities on Saturday discovered large amounts of weapons and various munitions left behind by terrorists, in addition to amounts of smuggled narcotics in Damascus countryside and the southern region.

A source at the competent authorities told SANA reporter that during combing operations in the remaining areas which the Syrian Arab Army has restored safety and security to them in Damascus countryside and the southern region, the authorities found large amounts weapons, ammo, shells, communication devices, and narcotics left behind by terrorists.

The seized weapons included 23 and 14.5 machineguns, 12.7 Dushka, and PKC machineguns, RPGs , sniper rifles, hand grenades, and anti-tank missiles, in addition to communication devices , night- vision binoculars, thousands of various rounds, and large amounts of narcotics.

The source indicated that a group of terrorists linked to external bodies was arrested as the terrorists were smuggling materials used in manufacturing explosive devices.

Thousands of detonators and explosive devices were also seized where the terrorist group was smuggling them through trucks to transport goods , the source added.

Haybah Sleman/Shaza

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