People of Hasaka countryside protest against the practices of QSD groups and Turkish occupation forces

Hasaka ,SANA – The people of al-Jmalo and Mureikz villages in Ras al-Ayn area in Hasaka northern countryside protested against the practices of Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist groups.

Civilian sources said that the people of the two aforementioned villages intercepted Turkish occupation vehicles, throwing stones at them and cutting off the main roads in the villages after Turkey’s mercenaries set fire to agriculture crops in retaliation to the citizens’ refusal to pay them money.

The sources added that the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries fired bullets to disperse the protesters, raided their houses, and kidnapped a number of citizens.

Meanwhile, the people of al-Shaikh Othman village in al-Shaddadi area in Hasaka southern countryside protested against the acts of US-backed QSD (SDF) groups and their transgressions against the citizens, demanding that they get out of the area.

The sources pointed out that the people of al-Shaikh Othman cut off the main roads using tires and stones.

Baraa Ali / Hazem Sabbagh

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