Health Ministry: 7 new Coronavirus cases registered, 3 others recovered

Damascus, SANA_ Health ministry announced on Sunday that 7 new coronavirus cases were registered in Syria and 3 others recovered.

The Ministry added in a statement that the 7 new infected cases were among persons who had been in contact with the infected persons in Ras al-Ma’ara town, raising the number of infections in Syria to 177 ones.

According to the ministry, 3 coronaviruses have recovered, raising the total number of the recovered to 74, and 6 others have passed away.

The Ministry mentioned that a lockdown was imposed on Ras al-Ma’ara town on 7th of June.

On March 22, the first case of Coronavirus was registered in Syria for a person who had come from abroad.

The first dead case of Coronavirus was registered on March 29th.


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