Yevimov: Syria and Russia will not be defeated by economic terrorism

Damascus, SANA_ The Special Representative of the Russian President for the Development of Relations with  Syria, the Russian ambassador to Damascus, Alexander Yevimov, described the relations between Syria and Russia as “strong and solid”.

“Russia and Syria have managed to resist and overcome many difficulties and it is impossible to be defeated by economic terrorism,” the Russian ambassador said Friday in a speech to mark Russia’s National Day broadcast via the Internet.

He added that “Syria has resisted during long years of war against terrorism and, therefore, it is impossible to destroy our two countries through the economic terrorism. These attempts will fail, like previous attempts to impose the foreign will by force on Syria.”

Yevimov emphasized that the Russian-Syrian relations are developing dynamically.

“These relations were further enhanced during the historic visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Damascus last January 7, which confirmed the enthusiasm of our countries to continue close cooperation in all fields,” the Russian diplomat said, explaining that this visit sent a clear message to all enemies that Moscow will not give up its principled position to continue backing the Syrian people.

The Russian ambassador reaffirmed that his country has been supporting Syria as both States succeeded, over the past years, in fighting the common enemy and will continue to cooperate with each other to complete all causes, especially with the success of the Syrian government to liberate more Syrian lands and transform the political process to an operational stage by launching the work of the Committee of Constitution.

“We will continue our cooperation and support in terms of rebuilding infrastructure and returning thousands of displaced people to their homes,” the Russian ambassador said.

The events that occur daily in the world and in Syria in particular, according to the Russian official, indicate that Russia and its allies are in the right direction of history which necessitates  to act with more attention and responsibility.

Yevimov spoke about Russia’s role in halting the outbreak of the novel coronavirus among its citizens and helping other countries fight it and providing the necessary medical supplies to deal with the epidemic in Syria.

The Ambassador asked Russian citizens residing in Syria to participate and express their opinion on the issue of amendments to the Russian constitution, clarifying that the embassy will later publish all the necessary information about the voting process on its website and pages on social networks.


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