National Museum to host online National Symphony concert

Damascus, SANA – The National Museum in Damascus is set to host one of the activities of the “Culture in Your Home” event with an online performance by the National Symphony.

The National Museum, located in al-Baramkeh area in Damascus, had its first part built in 1936 which was dedicated to artifacts from Syria dating back to the Greco-Roman and Islamic eras, with more annexes being built gradually.

The Museum had remained closed for seven years due to the terrorist war on Syria, and it was reopened for visitors in 2018.

The Museum consists of five main sections, each containing artifacts from a specific time period. The first section contains prehistoric artifacts such as flint and bone tools and some human and animal bones, including a Neanderthal skeleton discovered at al-Daydariya cave in Efrin area.

The second section contains artifacts from Ugarit, Ras Shamra, Mari, Ebla, and more, while the third section is dedicated to artifacts from the Greco-Roman and Byzantine eras, including artifacts from Palmyra, Daraa, and Sweida.

The fourth section features artifacts from the Islamic era, and it should be noted that the Museum’s façade is the gate of Qasr al-Hayr al-Gharbi palace which dates back to that era.

Finally, the fifth section is dedicated to modern and contemporary art by Syrian artists. The Museum’s garden also houses several large artifacts from various periods.

Hazem Sabbagh

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