Erdogan’s mercenaries continue to destroy infrastructure in Syria, video

Damascus, SANA- The destruction of Zayzoon Power Station tower was not the first crime of terrorist groups in destroying and looting infrastructures in Syria. It is an approach practiced by those groups supported by the Turkish regime years ago against the Syrian people in killing, abolishing and destroying infrastructure and looting factories and plants in execution of Erdogan’s plans and his Ottoman greed in Syria.

Days ago, terrorists of the so-called “Turkistani Party” destroyed the Zayzoon Power Station tower in Idleb to complete the mission entrusted to them by the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey, looting Syrian wealth and destroying its infrastructure.

The station, which was put on service in 1998, has been subjected over the past years to systematic theft and looting by Erdogan’s mercenaries, including looting electronic equipment related to electricity generation, huge electrical equipment and operating engines under the supervision of Turkish technicians who crossed the border, and giant steam pipes were removed and transported by trucks to Turkey.

The station is one of the biggest power stations for supplying power to wide regions of the country, consists of three gas generating groups with all their accessories, each one with 128 megawatts, liquid fuel and gas, located in Zayzoon near Jisr Al-Shogur city.

Irrigation systems also did not escape the terrorism of Erdogan’s mercenaries. Terrorist groups from Jabhat Al-Nusra and the so-called “Turkistani Party” extracted metal pipes from the farmer’s farmlands in Al-Ghab area near the Idleb countryside, which are used to irrigate farmland and smuggled them  through brokers and sell them in Turkey.

Turkish regime terrorism along with his terrorist mercenaries on extended to drinking water, where the occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries constantly, cut off drinking water from Hasaka city and residential neighborhoods in the western countryside of Hasaka by stopping pumping water from Alouk water station and continues to extortion Syrians with drinking water.

Criminal acts by mercenaries of the Turkish regime in Zayzoon and Hasaka countryside are complement of the practices of terrorist mercenaries of this regime, with the help of Turkish intelligence in Aleppo before, in  dismantling thousands of factories, workshops, plants, electricity tanks and transformers, as well as stealing and looting thousands of vehicles in public institutions, most of which were transferred to Turkish markets for selling in low  prices or replacing them with quantities of weapons and used the rest in their terrorist operations that continued for years in different regions before being released by the Syrian Arab army.

Yara Ismail

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