New Humanity Organization: Coercive economic measures imposed on Syria unacceptable, should be lifted

Rome, SANA-New Humanity Organization For A United World  called for the lifting of unilateral, coercive measures imposed on Syria as soon as possible, particularly those which target the Health section as being a main issue in confronting the coronavirus spread in the world.

“We call on the European Union and the US to remove any legal obstacles which may hinder the exchange of goods and money to which the Syrian people need to fight coronavirus,” Website quoted Marco De Salvio, Head of the NGO organization as saying in an appeal sent to the UN Secretary General.

He called for reconsidering the siege imposed on Syria and take tangible procedures to offer active assistance to the Syrian people to confront Coronavirus.

Salvio stressed that those economic measures are unacceptable and unjust, particularly during the current stage as they deprive the Syrian people from getting assistance and the support needed to fight the virus.

Mazen Eyon




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