Imposing a lockdown on Mnin town in Damascus Countryside after a woman died of coronavirus

Damascus, SANA-Health Minister Dr. Nizar Yazaji has announced that the authorities concerned were asked to impose a lockdown on Mnin town in Damascus Countryside after the death of a woman who was diagnosed with coronavirus as she was within the ten cases of coronavirus registered in Syria.

In a phone call with Syrian al-Ekhbaryia TV Channel, Yazaji said that the lockdown decision came with the aim of saving the lives of citizens and preventing the spread of the virus as the woman who died has a husband and children and they have a shop.

He added that they didn’t abide by the quarantine and they continued to sell at their shop and they got in touch with the locals in the area, indicating that there is a considerable number of those who have come from Lebanon illegally and they might be infected and that is why the bodies concerned requested to tighten the measures on the entrance and exit which means imposing aa lockdown on the area in order to save the lives of citizens.

He noted that samples have been taken from the husband of the dead woman and from her child and relatives, adding  that samples will be taken randomly from citizens and their results will be announced.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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