WHO representative: Syria is in the beginning of rising curve of coronavirus infections and we recommend social distancing

Damascus, SANA-World Health Organization acting representative in Syria, Neamt Said Abd , said on Wednesday that the status of coronavirus infections in Syria is the beginning of the rising curve.

“Increasing or decreasing the number of infections depends mainly on the range of citizens’ commitment to the procedures taken by the government to confront the virus,” Nemat told SANA in an interview.

He was optimistic Syria would be able to meet requirements of fighting the epidemic and preventing its spread in spite of the difficult conditions the country is passing through because of the 10-year war waged on it.

“The WHO seeks to lift the coercive measures imposed on Syria that affects the health sector in the country,” Said Abd said.

He affirmed that the measures are not only required from the Health Ministry, but there is a great role that should be played by citizens to confront the virus.

“Although all difficulties Syria encounters, the health system in the country is strong, but, sure it needs a big support as the most powerful health systems in the world suffer now from this epidemic,” Said added.

He hailed procedures adopted by the Syrian government, mainly suspending schools and universities, and limiting movement in the cities, adding that Syria until now has registered little number of infections, but it is not possible to separate the situation in the country from coronavirus in the world.

WHO representative called on citizens to commit to the measures taken by the government in addition to keep distancing between a person and another, wash hands with water and soap.

Mazen Eyon


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