Update:Curfew enters into effect in all Syrian provinces

Damascus, SANA-The curfew that was approved by the government team, tasked with the strategy to confront the coronavirus as of 6.00 p.m. until 6.00 a.m. entered into effect in all Syrian provinces.

During the curfew, all trade activities and shops shut completely and legal measures will face the violators.

The Interior Ministry said that all necessary measures will be taken to carry out the curfew, adding that facilitations are provided to ambulances, firefighters, main services establishments (electricity, water, and communications), health workers, and the press.

Interior Minister Mohammad al-Rahmoun, called upon the citizens for full compliance with the curfew for their safety, asserting that any violator will be detained and face legal measures.

In a statement to journalists following a tour in Damascus squares, al-Rahmoun said that Syria is witnessing an almost full curfew, expressing the hope that it will be completely in Syria tomorrow.

The Minister pointed out that the decision of the curfew continues until further notice in line with developments in the world and in Syria.









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