Breaking News Foreign and Expatriates Ministry: Syria expresses condolences to the families of the earthquake victims in Peru and Ecuador

Civil society contributes to confronting Coronavirus

Provinces, SANA – Complementing the government’s efforts to confront the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the civil society is carrying out campaigns to distribute protective supplies and sterilize facilities, markets, and streets.

In Aleppo, a number of industrialists distributed around 3,000 protective masks, 4,000 pairs of gloves, and 3,000 bottles of sanitizer in the neighborhoods of al-Fardous, Salah Eddin, Masaken Hanano, al-Haidariya, and the University Square.

Meanwhile in Daraa, a number of pharmacists in al-Kashef neighborhood distributed masks, gloves, sanitizers, and rubbing alcohol for free among citizens.

In Sweida, a wide-scale sanitization campaign was carried out by a civil group, covering storefronts, markets, streets, neighborhoods, the industrial zone, the blocks factories area, and the national hospital, using 30 agricultural tractors with sprinklers to spray around 2500 liters of hypochlorite.

Also in Sweida, volunteers from the Family Planning Association branch’s youth center distributed stickers to raise awareness around the city.

In Sweida’s southeastern countryside, the municipal council and civil groups carried out a cleaning and sanitization campaign for schools, the health center, the municipal building, roads, dumpsters, and storefronts.

The municipal council of Mardak and the local communities in the villages of Marda, Breka, and Salakhed also carried out a sanitization campaign covering the municipal building, the farmers’ association, schools, kindergartens, the Syrian Trading retail outlet, health center, places of worship, neighborhoods, and streets.

Hazem Sabbagh

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