Preventative measures taken across the country to protect against Coronavirus

Provinces, SANA – The concerned authorities are taking preemptive and preventative procedures for protecting against Coronavirus (COVID-19) in addition to launching awareness campaigns for all workers at schools and teaching establishments.

In Daraa province, the National Hospital is working to construct two quarantine rooms for any suspected cases of Coronavirus, where two rooms are being built outside the hospital at the nearby quarantine center, and they will be ready in the next couple of days.

The Daraa Health Department provided isolation chambers and intensive care rooms to receive any suspected cases, in addition to instructing heath establishments to inform them about any suspected case.

In Aleppo, the Health Department took preventative procedures against Coronavirus through edification courses and lectures, distributing posters, sending instructions to hospitals to report any suspected case, and checking all the people coming through the humanitarian corridors, in addition to setting up a medical point in Aleppo International Airport to check all arrivals.

Meanwhile, Zahi Azraq Hospital’s emergency department was supplied with special isolation chambers to receive suspected cases, taking swabs from the patients and sending them to referential labs in Damascus, whereas in the last week they sent a number of suspected samples that analysis proved to be free from Coronavirus.

For its part, Aleppo University organized edification measures for students, while the School Health Department in Aleppo sent mobile teams to schools to give the correct medical information to pupils and teachers.

Homs Education Department put a plan to organize awareness events in all schools, where the schools are visited to assess their needs to maintain hygiene and to follow up on health conditions.

In addition, the Health Department in the province prepared a detailed form for arrivals who are suffering from flu-like symptoms so that the Department can follow up on them through the health centers that are closest to them.

In Hasaka province, the Health Department formed an emergency committee aiming at monitoring Coronavirus cases in health centers, and it instructed hospitals to report any suspected case.

At Qamishli Airport, the newly-established medical point for diagnosing infection checks all the arrivals according to the form provided by the Ministry of Health, while Qamishli Hospital affirmed that no Coronavirus cases have been registered among arrivals through the airport or to Qamishli city up till now.

Hybah Sleman / Hazem Sabbagh

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